Celebrate Wellness with APIENC – Sun. November 20th!

Image Description: A group picture of Team APIENC runners after 2015 Berkeley Run.

Image Description: A group picture of Team APIENC runners after 2015 Berkeley Run.

Speaking from this year of growth since our last Berkeley Run, we’ve been astounded by the abundance of our communities and strongly stand by our core belief that “our communities have everything we need to support ourselves and each other.” This fall, we are placing an emphasis on holistic wellness and providing opportunities for community to feel full and whole together.

The Berkeley Run is our biggest fundraising campaign at the end of the year. By November 20th, our goal is to raise $15,000 together! We’re looking to recruit a team of 25 people to join us in celebration and to collectively build LGBTQ API power. If you’re familiar with APIENC, you might know that grassroots fundraising is an essential part to supporting our programs such as Leadership Development, Dragon Fruit Project, and Trans Justice! We need you on Team APIENC.

Will you Celebrate Wellness with APIENC? Wellness comes in different forms from physical exercise, to mindful reflection, to eating in a way that fulfills our bodies. Knowing that running isn’t always the best option for folks, we hope that we can provide a space where everyone can show up as their full selves. There are other ways to Celebrate Wellness with APIENC, including volunteering at our brunch and fundraising to build LGBTQ API power. Sign up here to Celebrate Wellness with APIENC and receive more details on how to register for the Run!

Runner perks include practice runs together, a boot camp with rockstar trainers and more!

Here are some other ways to Celebrate Wellness with APIENC: