Welcome APIENC’s New Community Organizer!

Dear APIENC Community,

We are excited to announce that Jasmin Hoo will be joining us in the role of Community Organizer on September 18th! Jasmin is an amazing social justice educator, activist, and artist, with over ten years experience working with youth and communities through theater and direct action.

4 pictures panels are in the background, all of Jasmin. From left to right, top to down: 1) Jasmin looking to the side; 2) Jasmin at a march, holding up a sign; 3) Jasmin and Sammie smiling; 4) portrait of Jasmin smiling. Text in the center reads, “Welcome Jasmin Hoo! APIENC’s new community organizer”.

Here are a few words from Jasmin herself:

I am very grateful and honored to become the Community Organizer for APIENC; I feel it is exactly where I need to be in my life right now.  Although I have never officially held the title of “community organizer,” in many ways I have been a community organizer my whole life. Growing up as a mixed race kid on the East Coast in the 90’s and coming out as a queer bisexual later in my life, I have spent much of my life creating opportunities for those of us on the margins to feel valued and that we belong.

In this role, I am looking forward to meeting the whole APIENC community, learning from everyone, and finding ways to come together, grow, and thrive. I am particularly excited to offer my passion for theater, art, health/healing, and transformative justice to APIENC! I hope to bring my whole self to this work and to create space for folks to be their authentic selves. As I grow into this position, I ask for your continued support, patience, and openness as we all transition together into this next evolution of APIENC.

By the end of September, we’ll also be saying goodbye (or see ya later!) to MLin in their role as Community Organizer. MLin joined us four years ago, first as an intern, and then as staff. In their time with APIENC, they’ve grown tremendously, and we can’t wait for what’s ahead. Moving forward, MLin will continue being involved with our Core, Dragon Fruit Project, and Fundraising committees. MLin would like to share the following:

Through the last four years, I’ve been exponentially transformed by APIENC’s people, spaces, and movement building. Three years ago, I remember starting as a Community Organizer, intimidated and hesitant to start conversations and relationships from a place of trust. Now, I am so grateful to know that I have an abundant support network for life. Thank you to all the people I’ve come to deeply know via APIENC and our shared investment in our community getting liberated, full, and free. Thank you all for stretching with me!

In the coming months APIENC will be slowing down, turning inward, reflecting, and evaluating with our new staff and volunteer teams. Growth is not linear, and to build power within our communities we need to move at a different pace and strengthen the core of what we do. We hope for your support and patience as we transition in healthy and fruitful ways.

Please welcome Jasmin in her new role! Don’t hesitate to reach out and build bridgesstarting September 18th you can reach Jasmin at jasmin@apienc.org.  

With love and in solidarity,
Sammie Ablaza Wills