Image description: a pier jets out into marshy land, the sky is partly cloudy. there are trees in the background.
Three Takeaways on Environmental Justice from PGM ONE
June 7, 2019

Environmental and climate justice work is an emerging part of APIENC’s organizing and politics. APIENC’s TTAC (Think and Take Action Cohort) brings together and inspires queer and transgender Asian and Pacific Islander (QTAPI) people in the SF Bay Area to … Continue reading

Bold white handwritten text against colorful paint stroke background that reads: "For Us, By Us, In Order To Serve Us!" Underneath, on pink background is white text that reads: "APIENC is launching a survey to understand the needs of transgender, gender nonconforming, and non-binary Asians & Pacific Islanders living in the Bay Area. Is that you?" To the right is the yellow circular APIENC logo and
For Us, By Us, In Order To Serve Us: The TGNC...
June 5, 2019

In recent years we’ve witnessed our trans, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary community make big strides, but we’re still not safe or free. When it comes to documenting our community needs, there are FEW resources that speak to the wide variety … Continue reading

Image description: Black italicized text over orange brushstroke pattern that reads "APIENC @ SF PRIDE". In the background is an image, for the most part hidden, of TGNC API people marching and holding a banner that reads "NO PRIDE FOR SOME OF US WITHOUT LIBERATION FOR ALL OF US."
Honoring Our Legacies: APIENC at SF Pride
May 28, 2019

APIENC won Community Grand Marshal of SF Pride 2019 by public vote. This is an honor and a responsibility. With increased police presence, heavy corporate involvement, and impact on the local underhoused communities, SF Pride is far from its radical … Continue reading

Image Description: In the style of Super Smash Bro. when a new character is unlocked, text in light colors against gradient blue background reads, "Yuan Joins Team APIENC", overlapping circular photo of Yuan smiling at the beach.
A New Organizer Has Joined APIENC! 💛#PowerUPGiveOUT
April 8, 2019

My name is Yuan Wang; I’m writing to you as the new Community Organizer at APIENC! As a trans/genderqueer second-generation Chinese-American person, I first joined APIENC in the summer of 2018 as a summer organizer. Now, I’m so excited to … Continue reading

This Has Been a Messy Year: Practicing Healthy Accountability
February 6, 2019

Avery Nguyen (they/them) is a member of APIENC’s Core Committee, and our Trans Justice Committee. After our retreats with the Wildfire Project, Avery wrote this reflection to share with the APIENC community.  This has been a messy year. Besides the … Continue reading

Image description: colorful infographic titled "2018: How APIENC Has Grown", describing accomplishments in Leadership Development, Dragon Fruit Project, and Trans Justice.
2019? 😲 Let’s do this.
January 29, 2019

APIENC was first founded in 2004, and refounded in 2013, with a commitment to young, trans, and gender nonconforming leadership. This shift happened through intentional changes to our structure, work, and initiatives. 6 years later, we’ve grown in our understanding … Continue reading

We Are Magic Manifested, and We Won’t Be Erased
October 22, 2018

APIENC’s Statement on the Leaked ‘Trans Memo’ Yesterday, The New York Times reported an unreleased memo from the Trump administration, which would aim to define sex as, “a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth.” The memo, drafted by … Continue reading